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Marching Band and Color Guard

Competition Information

An overview of what happens on competition days ~

The first thing to check out is the Call Sheet. This is usually available online a few days before each event. It is also posted in the Band Room and copies are available on the Band Room piano. The Call Sheet lists all the key times as well as the things that the students need to bring. As the call sheet says – DON’T BE LATE for call time.

Notes for Parents:

  • Only students, staff, and designated chaperones are allowed to ride the bus.

  • Parking at the venue is usually free but often difficult to find – car pooling is a good idea.

  • Look for "Black Beauty," our trailer, and our "Easy-Up City"  – it is where the kids are and everyone congregates.

  • Keep younger siblings away from the trailer ramp – the equipment is heavy and we need to move it quickly – we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

  • We always need help feeding the kids – feeding 180+ people in 30 minutes is a challenge. Please contact Kelli Cavaliero, hospitality manager, if you can help and/or come to the truck when it arrives to find out what you can do to help.

  • We need a team to help get the pit equipment on and off the field. Find where the pit is warming up and be there about 30 minutes before performance time to help.  Contact Mark and Cindy Manzanares, drum line managers, if you have any questions.  There will be a limited number of wrist bands for pit pushers – everyone else has to pay. The entry fee is usually around $10 (more for finals).

  • Video taping of the performance is not allowed, especially of other groups.

  • No flash photography during performances.

  • You may not enter or leave the stands during a performance.

  • Never say anything negative about another band or the judges etc. A careless word in a concessions line, on the bleachers, or in a rest room may be overheard and reflects badly on our entire organization.

  • If you see or hear something you like on the field, let the kids know. Yelling is ok, especially between movements (but not during the ballad).

  • MVHS is usually one of the last bands to perform. Awards follow the last performance and we still have to load the truck before we can leave.

  • Students must ride to and from the competition on the bus. Any exception MUST be negotiated with Mr. Hannan.

  • It will be late when we get back to the school. Everyone will be tired and in a rush to get home, but we still have to unload the truck. Drive carefully, especially by the school.

  • Parents should park and pick up their kids by the school office. Please be considerate of our managers who will have been working with the kids all day but will remain by the office until everyone has been picked up.

Additional notes for students:

  • Attendance is mandatory – the performance is part of your grade.

  • You will not be allowed on the bus if you have not paid your transportation fee or handed in your forms.

  • “Silent Bus” is mandatory when not on the freeway AND when the bus driver or adult chaperone requires it.

  • Stick to the dress code (i.e., black band t-shirt, long jeans, black band or Color Guard sweatshirt and/or band jacket, tasteful closed shoes – no pajama pants. Color Guard must wear the CG warm-ups.)

  • All changing into and out of uniform will be outside in the open (not in the buses). Please wear appropriate underclothing – gym shorts, bike pants, etc.

  • You represent Mission Viejo High School, past, present, and future – please behave accordingly.

  • Do not ‘hang’ with band members from other schools.

  • Be nice to your section leaders/captains.

  • Be especially nice to the parents feeding you.



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